December 2015 Stated Communication




My Masonic tenure serving in the East is coming to a joyful, yet very reflective end. I once overheard a Brother Mason say "the two greatest days in a man’s Masonic career are the day he is installed in the East as the Master of his home Lodge, and the next is when he watches the next man take his place." Perhaps this statement has great merit. Those are indeed great days in Freemasonry. I believe that each Brother has picked for himself which days are the greatest. For me, it was a Freemason who never gave up his encouragement to get me to become a Mason; the next was when I was raised as a Master Mason; and, my Brothers, knowing each and every one of you have been my greatest days in Masonry.

It has been truly a journey of illumination and of enlightenment of Masonic Brotherhood. Sitting in the East and looking out over the Lodge and seeing that place of Masonic Light has been a very moving and humbling experience. I sincerely hope that I have done my best to serve St John’s Lodge No. 11 and have given to the Craft good and wholesome instruction. It was indeed made easier, and, quite frankly, tremendous to have the confidence of my fellow Brethren to whom I served with this past Masonic year. It is with no reservation in my mind that I will hand over the gavel to a fine man, a proven leader in Worshipful Master Elect, Ryan Nalty, whose energy and foresight will lead us well into the next Masonic year. And, if I was a professional baseball manager, I would be excited to see the heavy Masonic hitters coming up with Brother Nalty as Worshipful Master; filling the position of Senior Warden, Brother Parkhurst; Junior Warden, Brother Sam Chin; Secretary, Worshipful Brother Anand Trivedi, P.M.; Treasurer, Worshipful Brother Karl Gruel, P.M.; Senior Deacon, Brother Sean Parkhurst; Junior Deacon, Brother Jason Lee; and, of course, with all of the Past Masters. For St John’s lodge No. 11, the future never looked brighter.

Of course, at this time of reflection questions arise; “Did I achieve everything this past year that I wanted to?” Well, No. “Did I experience trials and tribulations?” Yes; however, what impressed me the most was the willingness and the enthusiasm of all our Brethren. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on all of our Past Masters, who came to the aid of the Lodge without any criticism, but with outstretched hands of Brotherly Love and Affection for our Brotherhood, and especially for St John’s Lodge No.11. Of special note, my thanks to all of the Past Masters whose Masonic counsel was always given upon my request and sometimes without it.

As Master, I still have a few things I'd like to wrap up. After December’s stated communication and with Brother Nalty installed, I will be taking a short break from labor in the quarry. Not sure exactly what I’ll be doing during that break; maybe a vacation to “Phantom Ranch” or start my preparation for a summer’s journey to Philmont Scout Ranch in North Central New Mexico.

I am so looking forward to our Stated on Friday, December 4th. We will be opening on the Third Degree, and getting to Business as soon as possible. A new and exciting Masonic Journey awaits .............. See you all in December. 

D.W. Stephenson Worshipful Master

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