June 2016 Stated Communication


First, it is really excited to have EA Brothers Timbers and Smith join the Craft and St. John's.

I thought this was a good point to reminder ourselves of what we were looking for when we first joined Masonry.  We all came with different passions, needs and thoughts of what this journey meant to us.  Personally, I wanted to be a part of something bigger than just myself, and in full honesty, I wanted to join a fraternity that was willing to not just support me, but also my wife and potential children.  Some may a support or safety net, I call it a family.

As I mentioned in Lodge, we are reminded that this is a lifetime commitment and journey. When we put on the apron, walk into the Lodge room; we are reaffirming our pledge to be a better man, to seek the just path.  But in reality, we should be wearing those aprons each and every moment of our lives.  The Lodge room moves with us, everywhere we go.

While on the surface this can seem daunting and arduous; remember the "me" becomes a "we".  As Masons, we walk our own life paths, but paths are blessed when in the company of friends.  Each and every brother supports one another, from the EA to the Past Master.  

And most importantly, everyone has something to teach about life, and everyone needs to learn.

Fraternally, Ryan Nalty, Worshipful Master

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