December Stated Communication


Greetings Brethren, and Happy Holidays!

First, the Grand Master has called for a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge to be held on the evening of December 1st, the same night as our Stated Communication. Following the Grand Lodge Code, the Stated Communication for December is automatically called off. Since it is an imperative that members of St. John’s lodge No 11 are in attendance for that Grand Lodge Special Communication, we will not meet on Friday, December 1st.

Since this Stated was slated to be the installation of Lodge Officers for 2018, we will be requesting dispensation from the new Grand Master, once he is installed, to install our 2018 Officers at the January Stated.

Now, onto the fun stuff! One of my favorite times of the year is upon us. All the good food starts coming out and good memories are shared and made with the ones we love. Thanks to the Great Architect we are blessed with brotherly love and love for all our families and friends, and it’s important that we tell each other and our families how much they mean to us. So, I first want to say thank you to all the Brothers out there who take their obligation seriously and for being the men who we can always count on to reach out their hands to assist a fellow Brother or a Brother’s family. This fraternity has demonstrated to me that, if I am in need of support in any way, whether it be now, later, or sometime when I’m much, much older, I am happy to know my Masonic brothers have my best interests at heart. I’m proud to be a member of this Lodge and of Freemasonry as a whole, because I know that Brothers look out for each other first and foremost. So please, during this holiday season, take the time to share your gratitude with others and tell your loved ones you love them, it can never be enough.

We have one final meeting of the 2017 year, and this open installation will be a spectacle. Bring your families and your friends and help us celebrate the transition and achievements of our Brethren. Congratulations to Brother Sam Chin, our Worshipful Master Elect, and to the rest of the elected 2018 officers! I’m greatly looking forward to next year and your leadership. I know the brethren have made the right decisions in their voting, and all of the newly elected officers will justify those decisions. Congratulations again everyone!

Sincerely and Fraternally,
James S. Parkhurst
Worshipful Master

Full Trestleboard available here. Remember: No December Stated Communication.