February 2018 Stated Communication


Greetings Brethren! 

Although the winter so far has been cold, fellowship in and around St John's Lodge No. 11 is just warming up. Last month we witnessed the installation of 2018 officers. A generations old ritual where the light of Masonry is passed onto others who will take the Lodge in charge and fortify its foundation so that future generations can enjoy all the Craft has to offer. Thanks again to W.B. James Parkhurst, Past Master, for his service to the Lodge and his continued support. 

Since our last meeting, some of us were able to attend the installation of officers at Anacostia Lodge No. 21, who we will be strengthening our bond with by joining our multi-lodge picnic effort this summer. They have offered to do a joint table lodge with us which will be fun for all who can attend. 

This month, W.B. Anand will be hosting a Masonic etiquette program that will help to answer some of the most common questions and concepts many new brothers have. We have much to learn this year as we grow in knowledge and extend our hands out to other lodges and the community around us. I look forward to a busy and prosperous year filled with education and fellowship with you all. 

Sincerely and Fraternally, 
Sam Chin
Worshipful Master

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