August 2015 Stated Communication



We have been blessed in many ways this summer season with new opportunities for the Brotherhood and new blessed additions to several of our Brothers’ families. Each of us, in our own way, has started the season of summer which is associated with new life, new births and rebirths of careers. It is well known that plant and animal life goes into a state of rest/hibernation during the cold months of winter. The summer gives the joy of life around us. Plants blossom, and we happily resume activity that helps us feel ‘alive’ again. This remains one of the most celebrated aspects of our four seasons, the summer time. The season of summer brings back lots of outdoor social activities almost impossible to have in the freezing cold of old man winter. Some of us have picnics, go to the beach, and others visit our great National Parks to relax and unwind under clear skies. The summer is a great time to take advantage of the fine weather, mostly with clear skies. The summer has been known to host very bright moons that add to the warmed relaxing experiences.

I am saddened, my Brothers, that I will not be with you at our August stated. I have a family commitment that I must take care of starting on Monday, July 27th, and I will return on Wednesday, August 12th. I have been asked to assist my niece in her move to the Los Angeles area to go to school, so she can fulfill her dream working with endangered animals. This will require a trip across the country by car with her and her belongings.

Please remember all of the Brothers that cannot be in Lodge this upcoming stated.

Brother Senior Warden Ryan Nalty will be in charge of the Lodge if any needs arise in my absence. If he is not available, please contact Brother Junior Warden James Parkhurst. In my absence at the August stated, I have asked W.B. Anand Trivedi, P.M., to sit in the East and for the Fellowcraft Degree. To W.B. Anand, my sincere thanks. I will be thinking of each of you that evening, my Brothers, and the Fellowcraft Degree while I am on the West Coast.

It has also come to my attention that our Brother Jonathan Boksan is getting married on September 12th. Please reach out to Brother Boksan and congratulate him upon his upcoming wedding and let us welcome Brother Jonathan’s bride into our Masonic family!

Brothers: I still believe that W.B. George Washington had it correct when he said “I am much obliged by your good wishes and reciprocating them with sincerity, assuring the Fraternity of my esteem, I request them to believe that I shall always be ambitious of being considered a deserving Brother.” I look forward to seeing you all in Lodge in September on Friday the 4th.


D.W. Stephenson, Worshipful Master

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