December 2016 Stated Communication

Greetings Brethren,

I welcome you all to the beginning of a new Masonic year! I thank you for your confidence in me and your assistance in operating this Lodge moving forward. It is my desire that each and every Brother feels like they are not only a part of this Lodge, but a part of something even larger than that, the entire Masonic family. It is also my desire that we all work together to ensure that our events are well coordinated and planned, that our community beyond the Lodge’s walls is aware we are here and that we are having a positive impact on the community we live in.

I want each Brother to know that I am approachable on any subject and that my interests are aligned with the interest of the Lodge as a whole. To continue WB Nalty's legacy theme; we are about to embark on yet another new chapter in our Lodge’s long book. How we as a lodge will make it unique will be up to us. Working together I know we will have a great year, raise many great men, and continue to accomplish our goals as a Lodge and as a Brotherhood.

This year’s Officer Installation Ceremony is open to family, friends, Masons, and non-Mason alike. I encourage you all to please invite your families and others so they can continue to be engaged with the Lodge.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
James S. Parkhurst
Senior Warden, Worshipful Master-elect

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