October 2018 Stated Communication


Greetings Brethren!

Since last month’s meeting where we heard about appellate bodies of Masonry including York Rite, Scottish Rite, Shriners and others, some of us have taken that next step for more light in Masonry by joining one or more of those organizations. It truly is a good thing when we expand our knowledge of Masonry while contributing to the well being of others. As many of those who attended know, in addition to teaching about Masonry every appellate body and most lodges have some type of charity they support. If you have an affinity to help a particular group there is likely a matching appellate body to meet your wishes. Ask others and learn more about these groups and how you can contribute to the very worthy causes they support. 

While our Wardens, Deacons and Secretary were enjoying themselves at the Leadership conference, I visited Union #6 for a spirited discussion on Transgender Masonry. Union #6 always has interesting “Graduate” Masonry topics to discuss and you don’t have to be a past master to attend. If in your cable tow visit another lodge and see what else is going on around our jurisdiction. 

On another note, St. John’s was invited to Anacostia Lodge’s Ocktoberfest themed table lodge with authentic German food and homebrewed Märzen beer! As always, a great time with great fellowship with our Brothers from Anacostia #21. 

October’s stated will be a Warden’s Night. A night I have long sought ☺. It will be a great chance for upcoming line officers to challenge themselves and the conversation is very important to the future of the lodge. Your input and attendance are highly encouraged. The best way for us to move forward every year is to involve ourselves in the business and activities of the lodge. Everyone’s support is essential to maintaining the strength of our lodge and eventually taking on a bigger role in the jurisdiction at large. The following morning, we will be having our Fellowcraft brunch at Royal Restaurant to continue the discussion and collaborate in better detail the upcoming year. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Stated and Fellowcraft Brunch. 

Sincerely and Fraternally, 
Sam W. Chin 
Worshipful Master

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