November 2018 Stated Communication

Reminder! December’s Stated Communication has been cancelled. The Master has called a Special Communication for Friday, December 14th. We will be installing the 2019 St. John’s Officers. The installation will be open to family and guests. 

Greetings Brethren, 

Last month we had a preview of what's to come for our Lodge. Warden's Night has shown that we have Brothers ready and willing to step up to lead our Lodge. Brother Sean's message of communication and engagement is particularly important for us. As a Fraternity, as Brothers, we should be coming out to Lodge to experience our Masonic journey together. Looking back on our journey is all the more special when you can say "remember when we..." and our band of Brothers can directly relate. Special thanks to Brothers Scott Heath and Stephen Motroni for jumping multiple chairs. It was also wonderful to have W.B. Bob Johnson, P.M., and his family spend time with us. 

This month we have the duty and honor of conferring the Master Mason's degree on three worthy Brethren. We have done this conferral year after year, and we should make sure that we engage them in the mysteries of Freemasonry so that as they search for light we can stand side by side and enhance our shared masonic experience. Our newest Master Masons will also be able to vote for the first time in our elections. Every Brother is highly encouraged to join us in electing the future of St. John's Lodge No. 11 and providing input on what they want to see as the Lodge goes forward – maybe a St. John's Lodge trip to another Lodge or a group visit to a Worshipful Brother in the Big Easy, who knows! Come, participate and transform the Lodge; after all, YOU knocked at the door. 

Sincerely and Fraternally, 
Sam W. Chin
Worshipful Master 

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