December 2018 Special Communication


Reminder! December’s Stated Communication has been cancelled. The Master has called a Special Communication for Friday, December 14th. We will be installing the 2019 St. John’s Officers. The installation will be open to family and guests.

Happy Holidays Brethren,

Last month, we conferred the Master Mason degree upon our three Fellowcraft Brothers, held elections, and hosted a number of guests. In addition to raising three of our own Brothers, we helped The Eagle Lodge No. 1893 and Temple-Noyes-Cathedral Lodge No. 32 each raise one of theirs. The degree was also attended by visiting Brethren from Canada who had a blast experiencing how DC does the Third Degree. I was able to share with Brother Kevan Schanberger the experience of Washington Potomac Royal Arch Chapter No. 8's bicentennial and the installation of W.B. James Frederique of L'Haitienne Lodge No. 925 all in one weekend.

This month the Grand Lodge will hold their annual banquet, which is always a good time of elegance and fellowship. We will be installing our 2019 officers at our December 14th Special Communication extending our Lodge's history to its 173rd year of existence.

This year is nearing its close, and we have so much in which to be proud of. I can happily say that we have, and continue to achieve, the important practices of a strong lodge. We have initiated, passed, and raised three of our own Brothers; put on enjoyable events (such as our paint night); been active in the wider DC Masonic community; supported charitable efforts across the nation; and much more. We have improved the community at large by our actions and, in doing so, have improved ourselves. It has been a great pleasure and honor to serve as Worshipful Master of St. John’s Lodge No. 11 this year, and I look forward to seeing what our elected line has in store in the upcoming years.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Sam W. Chin
Worshipful Master

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