June 2018 Stated Communication

Greetings Brethren!

Another busy month is behind us. To recap, we conferred our second well deserved 70 year pin to Brother Jack Foster during our Grand Visitation. We received positive feedback from the Grand Lodge on our health and status as a Lodge. Brothers Jason Lee and Jamie Hall became Scottish Rite Masons and then they became Almas Shriners along with R.W.B. Chip Mahaney and me. The Grand Master rescinded his previous decision to pardon an accused Brother and a Grand Lodge vote was held to forgive him instead which was approved by the majority.

Looking at this month, we will be conferring the Fellowcraft Degree on three Brothers who are seeking further light in Masonry. Let’s ensure we give them the light they seek and another performance to remember. As is our duty as Masons, we are to be charitable and will be giving our time and support to “Hands on DC” to help spruce up a local school in the District as we did last year. Do not forget to sign up! http://handsondc.org/volunteer-registration

Universal Brotherhood Weekend is also coming up June 7th-9th. On Friday, June 8th there is a feast where family is included to share in greater fellowship and each participating lodge brings a dish. Saturday will be a multi-lingual meeting where each chair is performed in a different language. A true sign of the universality of Masonry.

While the Lodge will be dark in July, we will still be active while we participate in the various Fourth of July parades around the DC area and spend some time at Washington-Daylight Lodge’s Annual picnic on July 21st. Separate flyers will be sent out as well as additional e-mails.

Remember our time here is short. Let’s take advantage of the blessing of time and be Active Masons and be true to our tenets, obligations, and most of all to each other.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Sam W. Chin
Worshipful Master

Full Trestleboard available here.