May 2019 Stated Communication



I very much missed all the brethren while I was absent at the April Stated Communication. The time away provided me some quality time alone with my wife, away from the kids and away from the stresses and struggles of professional demands, to celebrate our 5th anniversary. While I was thinking about all the things she and I have gone through together over this short five year period, I also realized that she has been with me through my entire journey through Masonry. She was there at the first family appreciation dinner, where I was provided the first pamphlet of Masonry. Masonry isn’t a journey we make alone. It’s a journey we make with our brothers and our family by our side. 

The opportunity to present a 60-year pin to Worshipful Brother Ed Rupert this past month also provided me insight into where I might be in 60 years, and the brothers and family members that I’ll meet along the way. 

There is a great opportunity to celebrate Masonry and to meet and network with other brothers at the Joint Table Lodge scheduled on May 15 at the Odd Fellows Temple on 7th street. Grab your tickets now. I know I’ll be there! 

Sincerely and Fraternally, 
Sean Parkhurst 
Worshipful Master 

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