June 2019 Stated Communication



Spring will soon be over and Summer is right around the corner. This transition of Spring to Summer reminds me that there are only six more months that I sit in the East, a little more than half of the year has gone by. We have accomplished a lot over the past six months, but there is still more to accomplish. 

This June we are conferring the Fellowcraft Degree. This is one of my favorite degrees, and I am looking forward to as many of you showing up as possible. Let’s all put on an amazing experience for our worthy brethren. 

As a reminder, we are dark in July. This time away gives us a chance to celebrate the birth of our nation with our family and friends. Enjoy that time. It also provides us an opportunity to get together in July for a family friendly BBQ. If you have any ideas or thoughts as to what or where you’d like to have a BBQ please don’t hesitate to let me know. 

I look forward to seeing everyone in June! Please be prepared. 

Sincerely and Fraternally, 
Sean Parkhurst 
Worshipful Master 

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